Escape to your very own custom designed and custom built log home. Nestled in the perfect environment—majestic mountains, serene woods or deep forests—with only the sights, sounds and scents of nature surrounding you every day, your magnificent log home will mesh the artistry of wood sculptors with the majesty and peace of the great outdoors.

Surround yourself with unmatched beauty by having artists, who use logs to create their masterpieces, build a home that fulfills your every wish. Dedicated to making that dream a reality, Southwest Log Homes, Inc., a Texas-based design and construction company, offers only custom designed and built homes that are totally unique to the personality and lifestyle of their valued customers.

Perfecting each and every detail, the master artisans of Southwest Log Homes, Inc. build magnificent retreats designed to be in harmony with the beauty of their surroundings. Contact us today, and take the first step to creating your “paradise on earth”.